Book a Room

Members and their guests can book individual rooms at The Tyrol throughout the year.To book a room email and specify whether you’re a member, or a guest of a member, the names and ages of everyone in your party and the nights you want to book.

Accommodation Rates

Nightly rates
Members Guest first ever stay (once only) Guest
1st stay of the year
2nd / 3rd stay of the year
Infant (< 4 yrs) 0 0 0 0
Child (4 – 20 yrs) $  15 $  15 $  40 $  45
Adult (>21 yrs) $  25 $  25 $  65 $  75
2 Adults $  50 $  50 $ 125 $ 150
Family of 3
2 Adults, 1 Child
$  65 $  65 $ 165 $ 195
Family of 4
2 Adults, 2 Children
$  75 $  75 $ 190 $ 225
Family of 5+
2 Adults, 3+ Children
$ 85 $ 85 $ 215 $ 255
Entire Lodge
Sept – June*
$850 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Entire Lodge
July & August*
$ 850 $ 1,700 $ 1,700 $ 1,700

* wedding, large party or special event add $500

* Rates for a partial booking (upper or lower wing, or garden wing) of the lodge are available. Please inquire with the Tyrol Manager at

Guest Booking Policy 2018 here

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be directed to or 604.932.5588 by 12 PM (noon) on the Monday prior to arrival.

Members who repeatedly cancel their bookings may have their remaining bookings cancelled at the discretion of the Tyrol Lodge Manager and on approval of the President and Operations Director.

Cancellations or changes to a booking after 12 PM (noon) on the Monday prior to arrival requires payment equivalent to the dollar value of the booking – to be paid before the Tyrol Lodge Manager will be able to accept a new booking from the member.

  • Small group bookings can be cancelled up to 14 days prior to arrival without penalty. Cancellation within the 14 day period will result in forfeit of the deposit.
  • Large & Whole Lodge bookings can be cancelled up to six (6) months prior to arrival with no penalty. Cancellation within the six-month period prior to arrival will result in forfeit of the deposit.

Recurring and Statutory Holiday Weekend Booking Protocol

A protocol to enhance club member’s access to the Tyrol during winter weekends, and to give flexibility to members making multiple weekend or long-weekend bookings is in place.

  • Members in good standing may make recurring weekend bookings during winter. Such bookings require prepayment of 75% of the total booking cost.
  • To manage bookings during the busy statutory holiday weekends pre-payment of 100% of the total booking cost is required.

The protocol and a booking sheet with instructions is available here: recurring and statutory holiday winter weekend booking policy and form.

Christmas Booking Protocol

During the busy, and very fun, Christmas period pre-and payment is required for members or their guests to stay at the Tyrol. In November a booking sheet will be sent to members. To book a room in the period from mid-December to early January members are required to send the completed booking sheet and payment via mail. Bookings will be accepted on a first-come basis. Members in good standing have priority booking privileges, but if rooms are available guests may also book during this period. Full information will be sent to members at the start of each year’s booking period. Please do not attempt to book a room before the start of the booking period and the form has been sent to members – you and the Lodge Manager will only get frustrated.


Glacier Springs Lodge (Mt Baker)

Tyrol Ski and Mountain Club members may book lodging at the Swiss Society of Vancouver’s Glacier Springs Lodge (Mt Baker). This reciprocal arrangement requires Tyrol Ski and Mountain Club members to first pay the SSV membership fee, then follow the booking instructions on the website. Membership information can be found here: Or contact Susanne Wilson: or 604-888-6949