Become a Member

The Tyrol Ski and Mountain Club welcomes new members. Members enjoy reduced price accommodation and exclusive booking rights for high-use periods (Christmas, Family Weekend and Easter). You may invite your guests to spend time, with or without you, at The Tyrol.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download and complete a membership form and send it to Pete Hall at
  • Attend a spring or fall work weekend and come and meet us. During work weekends we clean and maintain The Tyrol so that it’s ready for the upcoming season – and for another 50 years of fun. There are light to heavy duties suitable for all ages. No special skills are necessary to clean, or to chop firewood – but we really value contributions from those that are particularly handy. There are two work weekends per year, spring and fall. Check the calendar for dates.
  • Obtain two referrals from existing members (must be from different families). If you don’t know any members, don’t worry, you’ll meet many at the work weekend.

Membership Fees

Single person Family
Initiation Free $300 $600
Annual Fee $100 $200


Please do not send payment with your application. Please wait until the Club Treasurer or Membership Director contacts you. 

Family membership covers the parents (or parent) and their (or her, or his) children under 21 years of age.  Children 21 years or older must apply separately and pay single fees. If not covered by a family membership, children under 21 years must apply for a single membership and the application is to be signed by the parent or legal guardian. Children of members are no longer considered dependents when they turn 21 years of age as at October 1. Dependent children of members, that have turned 21 years of age, must apply for membership and pay the single annual fee on October 1 of the year they turn 21 years of age, but the initiation fee and the requirement for sponsorship is waived.

Stay at Glacier Springs Lodge (Mt. Baker)

Tyrol Ski and Mountain Club members may book lodging at the Swiss Society of Vancouver’s Glacier Springs Lodge (Mt Baker). This reciprocal arrangement requires Tyrol Ski and Mountain Club members to first pay the modest SSV membership fee, then follow the booking instructions on the website. Membership information can be found here: Or contact Susanne Wilson: or 604-888-6949